Food Delivery Portal cost too high?

Food delivery portal has become part of every day life. Every one use the service from all the service providers across the globe. From Netherlands, Germany, Spain and South Africa. Have you considered what the charges of these 3 rd party food delivery portals does to your overall sales? The answer will shock you.

Partnering up with third party food portals is like giving your business the kiss of death. Their commission fees grow just like a cancer over time, until sales are so insignificant as there is no margin left and you start working for the 3rd party food delivery portal. 

Ubereats. Mr D and GrubHub thrive, by pocketing up to 20–30% worth of commission fees from every restaurant order, while restaurants barely make ends meet.

The problem is even more dire, since restaurants don’t even have the luxury to slightly increase their prices. That happens because delivery portals want to have competitive prices, so they don’t allow restaurants to increase their prices to get a thin profit margin.

Why do restaurants sign up to deliver with UberEats?

UberEats promises restaurants a so-called partnership that will get them:

  • online exposure
  • new clients
  • and ultimately more online orders

For both new and established restaurants, this is the ideal goal. However, from the moment the restaurant signs up, it become nothing more than a food supplier to UberEats.


The restaurants cannot even get in touch and send food promos to their clients, since this delivery platform keeps the client details secret. Their goal is to intermediate every transaction – this way, the middleman gets a chunk out of every order.


Real-life example: how much money does the client pay for the same UberEats order


Hidden Costs of Food Delivery Portals


Charges the restaurant up to 40% worth in commissions


Charges the restaurant up to 30% worth in commissions


  • Charges the restaurant up to 40% worth in commissions
  • Charges the consumer $5 for delivery
  • Keeps the delivery tips, as well

Mr. D

Charges the restaurant up to 20% worth in commissions

Fight back against the corporate greed by using a free online ordering system

Benefits of self managed food ordering portal

You cut out the middleman, and take back control of your online ordering business. Whatsmore, you pocket every cent in a dollar yourself.

Your restaurant no longer gets cannibalized by the competition: your customers are no longer encouraged to check out other restaurants. With GloriaFood, you are the star of your own show.

You provide your customers with a better online ordering experience since you control everything related to how the food travels to them to how long it takes.

Your customers will no longer blame you for sloppy deliveries done by third party food portals (food storage conditions, long delivery time, etc.) – which work with several restaurants at a time and may deliver your food last.

You improve your online presence and boost your business -> by dramatically reducing the no. of unsatisfied customers throwing mud at you on social media & trusted review portals (such as Yelp), and thus discouraging other clients from trying your dishes.

You get closer to your best clients – since you gain access to customer data & useful analytics reports designed to boom your sales and make your business thriving.

Should you have any question how Starvin Merlin food ordering portal could assist your business and help you grow, please feel free to contact us.

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